Brain-Picking Becky

Brain-Picking Becky: honest, messy, raw. The way life really is. Let’s connect.


Brain-Picking Becky: Introduction. An in-depth explanation on why I felt compelled to create this column.

Brain-Picking Becky #1: Good Grief, It’s Christmastime. On catching a common heart cold (aka holiday grief), why Christmas carols suck, and the power of good friends.

Brain-Picking Becky #2: Notes From the Road. My wandering thoughts on love, windmills, porn, and Big Red (the soda) as we wandered from New York to Kentucky. Yeah, America.

Brain-Picking Becky #3: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig Part 1. A meditation on home, plus musings on families, small towns, death, story-telling, holes in our heads, mindfulness, and more.

Brain-Picking #4: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig Part 2. Some things never change. On family habits and accepting life as is, not how you imagine it to be.

Brain-Picking #5: Mom Fails and Wins. A Brooklyn tale about being a GOOD MOM, totchos, white guys, the beauty of city buses, and more.

Brain-Picking Guest Spot: You Can’t Handle the Truth. M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis takes a deep, hard look at honesty, human nature, embracing our flaws, seeking heroes and sadly coming up short (except for Carrie Fisher).

Brain-Picking #6: Rag Order. A call to end the ridiculous taboo surrounding periods and finally address the worldwide silencing of women.

Brain-Picking #7: The Cat Bardo. A reflection on animal euthanasia, the experience of owning a cat you love but don’t like, and the act of letting go.

Brain-Picking #8: This Extreme Love. How the vibes of Los Angeles and the luxury of vacationing without the kid got me ruminating in a good way on happiness, parenthood, and this imperfect life.

Brain-Picking #9: War. A free write on greed, rich assholes, human evolution, and power.

Brain-Picking #10: Still a Feminist. Dear modern feminists: more empathy, please! My take on how the feminist movement can be more inclusive, plus some pretty “girly” stories from my childhood.

Brain-Picking #11: Good Morning, Anxiety, Sit Down. A day in the life of anxiety. Won’t you dive into the OCD deep end with me?

Brain-Picking #12: On Daughterhood. While visiting my dad for his open-heart surgery, I finally figured out how to be a daughter.

Brain-Picking #13: How We Tell (and Edit) Our Stories. Mood, tone, memory, language. The micro memoir might be the truest way to express our life stories.

Brain Picking #14: Gratitude, A Photo Journal. Sometimes you have to take a break from the death and destruction of the news, and instead channel in on the little stuff of life.

Brain-Picking #15: The Best, the Worst, Here. “The best” is just a construct that we humans have created that keeps us disconnected from our present reality. All we really have to do is breathe.

Briefly, Why Brain-Picking Becky?

Throughout all of our recent political and social upheaval, I’ve kept coming back to four basic ideas that I believe our country needs more of: love, kindness, honesty, and art. The main idea behind Brain-Picking Becky is that I want to be a person who honestly talks and honestly listens to you. While my past writings have been open and truthful, they’ve also been polished and slaved-over (being a writer with OCD is weird). Therefore, each entry of Brain-Picking Becky will take a maximum of two hours from start to finish. They may be diary-esque and personal or perhaps cerebral and wandering. They might be connected to current events or totally in the clouds. Each one will revolve around a topic I believe we as Americans need to be talking more about. Obviously I will edit this column to some degree, but I’m challenging myself and promising you all that each entry will fall into this timeframe and that I won’t make any edits to the writing once I’ve posted. The whole point here is connection and honesty. So please, comment, find me on Twitter and Facebook, tell me what you think, even contribute your own entry to share up here. Let’s make this country a better place.