Photo on 2013-12-13 at 19.57 #2Becky is a novelist, essayist, lyricist, and occasional short story-ist. She has recently finished her first YA book, Bone Girl, a story inspired by true events that dives deep into the ugly reality of living with anorexia, anxiety, and self-harming habits while simultaneously exploring the utterly unreal aspects of these experiences. Told mainly through the perspective of sardonic artsy oddball Kate, the novel also explores the power of creativity, friendship, and family. Original artwork by Letisia Cruz, designed to represent Kate’s sketchbook, accompanies the story.

Becky is currently seeking agent representation and publication. Anyone with an interest or question can reach her at rebecca.firesheets@kbcc.cuny.edu.

About Bone Girl:

Sixteen-year-old Kate is fed up with her boring small town, her parents’ fights, and her annoying kid sister who she still has to share a room with. Drawing has always been her passion and escape, but after her nemesis plasters a photo of one of her most scandalous sketches all over the Internet, she becomes the ostracized town freak and loses her inspiration to draw. As she contemplates how to find her art again and escape her hellhole of a life, Kate develops an obsession with bones and discovers an inner darkness that quickly ensnares her. Guided by an antagonizing Inside Voice and a new “friend” called Bone Woman, Kate embarks on a surreal, dangerous, and violent path that ends in the Rosedale Eating Disorders Center. After weeks of forced meals, therapy sessions, confusing encounters with other patients, and disturbing visits from Bone Woman, Kate feels her grip on reality, plus her will to live, slowly slip away; yet at the same time, these events lead her back to her art, and whenever she’s drawing, she feels a sense of newfound hope. Ultimately, Kate is left with a decision only she can make: to give in and let her demons consume her, or to somehow find the strength to save herself.

About the author: My work has appeared in Reaching Beyond the Saguaros, Mutha MagazineLumen MagazinePortal del Soland The Northeast Performer, among others, and my short story, “The Roof” (Serving House Journal), was nominated for a 2014 Best of the Net Award. An excerpt from Bone Girl will appear in the forthcoming YA anthology What Doesn’t Kill You, to be published in September 2018 by Serving House Press. I work by day at Kingsborough Community College and moonlight as the lead singer and keyboardist in experimental, rock-n-roll poetry band The Brooklyn Players Reading Society. I also run a concert series blending music and literature in venues across Brooklyn and Manhattan, and I maintain a personal blog with a strong following in addition to InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Medium pages (though I confess I haven’t fully explored Medium yet). In an effort to publicize Bone Girl, I am interested in combining my artistic pursuits for a book/band tour, and in creating social media profiles in Kate’s name, similar to the SKAM Austin model.


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