“Writing in the Digital Age” – My New Online Class Starts Monday!

I’m so excited to start my new online class, Writing in the Digital Age: Blogging, Social Media, & More, through Writers & Books, the amazing nonprofit in Rochester. Classes start this Monday the 31st, and it’s not too late to register – spread the word!

Writing in the Digital Age: Blogging, Social Media, & More (Online)


Instructor(s): Becky Fine-Firesheets

Beginner Beginner Beginner

In the digital era, writers are no longer afforded the luxury of focusing solely on creation; agents and publishers are now seeking sellability in addition to quality. This four-part class will concentrate on creating and maintaining a writer’s blog (parts 1 and 2), developing your social media presence (part 3), and general self-promotion (part 4), with a focus on efficiency and affordability.


If you would like to make a request for any accommodation, please email us at

Photo “blogging” by Eden Osabel / Creative Commons

Seriously, If I Log Out, You Won’t Forget, Right.

This week’s events got me thinking about the ways in which we communicate with one other. Social media and the Internet in general can be great resources that we should be using, but they too often take the place of important face-to-face interactions that are necessary if we’re going to make any real change in this country. Here is poet P.K. Harmon’s meditation on the topic.

By: P.K. Harmon

Do you ever yes.
Do you ever want
to let invented words
to score on Words
with Friends. Yes.
Do you ever log out.
I don’t. I mean, Yes.

My son, or maybe me,
turns his face to the
book. You know what
I mean. Seriously, if
I log out you won’t

forget, right. Right
now I am writing
a life and it’s the only
reason. Yes. Yes.
It’s like we are chatting.
You. We. Are you
online what time is it

there there. It’s ok.
There you are, ok.
I can’t like what
you share enough.
Enough to keep me
though I am no where.
Do you. I guess I do too.