Lou Reed

This Fine Life

“She started shakin’ to that fine fine music,” I sing along to the record as L and I dance hand-in-hand around our living room. He’s smiling brilliantly, hopping back and forth on his tiny toddler feet, throwing our arms up and down in an arrhythmic expression of joy. I’ve always loved to dance but never before motherhood did I just burst forth like this.

Lew Dancing.JPG

His ecstasy is contagious and in spite of all the freedom motherhood took away, being a mother has also freed me. We lose ourselves and I feel so full of love, love for this song and this kid and this life, and I don’t understand how my breastbone and thin skin manage to hold the hugeness of my heart.

Top Five Reasons Why The Pizza Underground Stinks

thepizzaundergroundThe Pizza Underground sucks.  I expected to see this sentiment echoed across the Internet but, to my shock, even Rolling Stone has gotten behind this horrendous band.  I tried to let it go but just couldn’t.  The truth needs to exist somewhere out there on the Web.

For the uninitiated, The Pizza Underground is Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground tribute band that rewrites Lou Reed’s  lyrics to be all about pizza.  They posted an eight-minute medley on their Bandcamp page and have so far landed shows at The Sidewalk CafeUnion Pool and Baby’s All Right, along with receiving multiple gig offers from around the world.

Around the world?  Seriously?  Granted, their shows are no cover, but still.  The absurdity of it all is baffling.

I could rattle off a hundred reasons why The Pizza Underground stinks, but let’s stick to the top five for now. (more…)