Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship Contest, August 2020
2nd place for short story 2021 (fiction)

MUTHA Magazine, online, December 2019
It’s All Hard Work” (creative nonfiction)

The Rumpus, 
online, November 2019
Parallel Planes: The Ghosts of Mothers and Daughters” (creative nonfiction)

The CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies (SLU) Blog, online, October 2019
Spotlight on Staff: Congratulations to Isaac Rodriguez” (nonfiction)

Tiny Town Times, print, September 2019
Mama Dog” (fiction)

Gateways, an Anthology, Serving House Books, print, December 2018
Our Mothers Have a Way of Shifting the Universe” (creative nonfiction, revised and reprinted)

The Women Who Get Shit Done, online, October 2018
“Dancing with Relapse” (creative nonfiction)

What Doesn’t Kill You, a YA Anthology, Indomita Press, print, October 2018
“Hell: Birthday Barbecue” (fiction, excerpted from novel Bone Girl)

Reaching Beyond the Saguaros, a Travelogue, Serving House Books, print, June 2017
“Home is Where” (creative nonfiction)

Mutha Magazine, online, January 2017
“A Call for Helpers: An Open Letter to My Son” 
(creative nonfiction)

Mutha Magazine, online, September 2016
“The Magic is Us: Becky Fine-Firesheets on Postpartum Madness” 
(creative nonfiction)

Lumen Magazine, online, September 2015
“Our Mothers Have a Way of Shifting the Universe” (creative nonfiction)

Serving House Journal, online, October 2013
“The Roof” (fiction – nominated for a 2013 Best of the Net award)

Portal del Sol, online, April 2012
“Video Review: Barbara Stout” (nonfiction)

Portal del Sol, online, April 2012
No Pulitzer Prize Awarded for Fiction This Year”  (nonfiction)

The Alternative Press, online, June 2011
“Lyrics With Too Many Syllables: The Fiery Furnaces, Friday, April 29th at WAMFEST”

The Alternative Press, online, May 2011
WAMFEST 2011 kicked off with an outstanding show, Tuesday April 26th, featuring Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys, Tony Visconti and Dave Marsh hosted by John Wesley Harding” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, January 2009
Weekly Feature: Soundpool” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, October 2008
“Cover Feature: Semi-Precious Weapons” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, August 2008
“CD Release Preview: The Walkmen” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, August 2008
“Album Review: Nightmare of You” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, July 2008
“Weekly Feature: Akudama, Humming Through Life” (nonfiction)

The Deli, print, Brooklyn, NY, June 2008
“Show Preview: Indie Rock Concert Launch” (nonfiction)

The Northeast Performer, print, Boston, MA, August 2007
“Live Review: Tiny Whales and Mahi Mahi” (nonfiction)

The Northeast Performer, print, Boston, MA, August 2007
“Live Review: School for Robots” (nonfiction)

The Northeast Performer, print, Boston, MA, June 2007
“Live Review: Scuba, Tony the Bookie, and Ara Vora” (nonfiction)

The Northeast Performer, print, Boston, MA, May 2007
“Cover Feature: Paper Thin Stages” (nonfiction)          

The Northeast Performer, print, Boston, MA, April 2007
“Live Review: Mel Lederman, Tucker Mayer, and Dave Cave” (nonfiction)                

The Phoenix, online, Boston, MA, February 2007
“Indie Rock Bands are Better Than Groundhogs” (nonfiction), online, October 2006 
“Staying Afloat in the Tip Pool: The Ins and Outs of Tip Distribution” (nonfiction)

The Undercurrent, print, Fresno, CA, October 2006
The Cold War Kids: Up in Rags EP Review” (nonfiction)

SomeOtherMagazine.Com, online, February 2006
“Bluegrass Part 2: Its History and Popularity” (nonfiction)

SomeOtherMagazine.Com, online, November 2005
“Bluegrass Part 1: Preamble” (nonfiction)         

Becky’s feature articles and regular contributions to music website Knocks From the Underground available upon request.  Becky co-founded, managed and served as Editor-in-Chief of KFTU from 2008-2011.

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