Thank You & Cheers to 2023

Huge thanks to everyone who came out earlier this month to my salon, ARTISNOURISHMENT: A Celebration of Brooklyn Transcore.

I had a total blast relishing in the joy of creative collaborations and queer art with so many interesting folx, and it feels amazing to be back in the swing of curating shows and performing live music.

If you missed the salon, you can check out pics and vids on my IG. Big thanks to Mike Lambert for his beautiful photos.

And you can always support trans rights by clicking here!

I’m super excited for 2023. Dave and I already have some gigs lined up and are working on a new EP. Both kids are in a great homeschool groove centered around social justice, protecting the planet, and creative expression. I’ve also made big progress on my memoir this year and feel confident I’ll complete a first draft by the summer. Feeling full of gratitude over here.

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Cheers to the future!


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