Donate to Refugee Parents Via L’s Birthday Giving Page!

Happy Birthday, baby! Please donate to his birthday giving page by clicking here to help refugee parents and children.IMG_1681.JPGMy little bug is one-year-old today. Crazy! We’re so grateful to all of you who have supported us and loved him throughout the past twelve months. He is absolutely incredible. You know what else is incredible? The amount of stuff we’ve accrued. So, if you were thinking about getting him a birthday present, please consider putting that money towards some people who really need it right now: refugees. You can donate now via L’s birthday Giving Page (even just $5 will help!).

During L’s first year of life, 9 million more people became refugees, raising the total amount of refugees across the world to nearly 60 million. Over half of these refugees are children, which means there are millions and millions of parents raising their kids under these conditions. Throughout the nausea and fatigue of pregnancy, the pain and joy of labor, the stress and bliss of raising an infant, Dave and I always had a safe home to come back to. Imagine being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a baby on a dangerous boat, in an overcrowded, bacteria-infested camp, or on the streets of a foreign country. And these traumatic scenarios are what awaits parents after the devastating experience of fleeing their homes because of war. Yet despite all of this trauma, they still have to be parents.

Please consider donating to help these parents throughout their ongoing struggles. We want L to grow up knowing that he is a small but important part of a huge, great world, and that he can always do something to help make our world even greater

(All statistics taken from UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency –

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